It’s Here! Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs

Early? Before the “deadline”? Yup. Fantastic.

I’m thrilled to announce that my fall book, Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs, has arrived.

A courier knocks on my door with a big box from Second Story Press. Seeing as the publishing date is September 16th, I’m not expecting it so soon and think it might be catalogues. But, hmmm. They haven’t sent me catalogues for, oh, ten years … twelve years … or more. I hold my breath as I open the box, not daring to think it might be copies of my new book. I can’t take the extra time to find the kitchen scissors to open the box. Instead, I find the nearest sharp object — a pair of kids’ craft scissors — and quickly but carefully cut through the tape. I open the flaps of the box to reveal — oh, drat — crumpled white paper. Conscious of time ticking away, I take out these protective filler pages. Finally, there it is! My book. The cover looks like the pdf files I have seen, but different. Here it is in the flesh, so to speak. I exclaim aloud and grab a copy to hold and feel.

Lovely! It’s here. It’s really here.

After all that hard work, and tremendous team work with the editor, Kathryn White, and the talented crew at Second Story Press, it’s time to welcome a new book to the world and watch it take flight.

“It’s not really work when you’re doing something that is serving a greater purpose.” – Nicole Robertson, media specialist and entrepreneur featured in this book

I sure hope that my book inspires kids to pursue entrepreneurship, to be bold, and follow their passions. It’s so exciting to be able to share the stories of these ten phenomenal entrepreneurs with kids everywhere.

Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs by Jill Bryant

Front and Back Cover of Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs by Jill Bryant (Second Story Press, Canada)


If you’d like copies . . .

Please visit your favourite local bookstore, or, if you prefer, order copies online. Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs is written especially for kids ages 9 to 13. Check out the publisher’s webpage about my book here.

Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs

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