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It’s been exciting opening packages lately! I received my author copies of The Power of Wind, published by Nelson Cengage Learning in far-away Australia. Writing this information book took me on another fun research expedition and personal journey, learning all about wind. I included wind-powered transportation, such as a wind-powered car that travelled right across Australia in 2013. The section about recreation looks at hang-gliders, windsurfers, and innovative, three-wheeled kite buggies. There’s more about wind energy, types of wind, how to measure wind — and, of course, a section on tornadoes and hurricanes.

Literacy series, Australia, wind

The Power of Wind, by Jill Bryant (Nelson Cengage Learning, Australia, 2016)

It’s fun thinking visually while writing descriptive, factual books like this. I enjoyed searching the Web for photo references for the designer and production team. They did a great job in finding a wide variety of images that show the splendour and this everyday weather phenomenon. A hot-air balloon, a boy flying a kite, and the dispersal of dandelion spores are among the classic images that help draw readers into this interesting area of weather science.

The story “Experiencing Hurricane Juan,” which makes up the book’s final pages, is based on a harrowing personal experience when I lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I reframed this story from the point of view of a child. It was pretty neat to be able to weave my memories of that time into this short, fictionalized account. It felt like a risk when I submitted it, but the publisher was in favour. I admit it’s a bit of a thrill to have one’s own experiences transformed in this way. It was frightening and unforgettable to have 150-kilometre winds bombarding my coastal home.

Juan big mess -- a story about experiencing Hurricane Juan. The Guelph Mercury

Article I wrote for The Guelph Mercury, October 28, 2003, about a month after Hurricane Juan struck Nova Scotia.

There’s no doubt: extreme weather events leave a life-long impression. I’m sure that’s why I keep feeling compelled to write about this particular event.

Note: this title is sold directly to schools for use in literacy or language programs; it’s not available in bookstores. Find out more at Nelson Cengage Learning.

Signing off until next time, on this grey, rainy spring day.

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