Magazine Articles, Children’s

List of Children’s Magazine Articles by Jill Bryant
  • “Mind Game/KNOW Jokes/KNOW Word/KNOW the Numbers,” Exploring Caves introduction, “Home Lab: Drip-Drop Rocks,” “KNOW It Alls,” and
  • “Exploring the Elements: Aluminum,” KNOW, Jan./Feb. 2012.
  • “Snow Globes” KNOW, Nov./Dec. 2011.
  • “Mollusc Mania” and “Shells! Not Just for Snails,” KNOW, Jul./Aug. 2011.
  • “Your Appendix,” KNOW, May/June 2011.
  • “Swiss Army Knives,” KNOW, Mar./Apr. 2011.
  • “Roadrunners” KNOW, Jan./Feb. 2011.
  • “Icky Sticky” KNOW, Mar./Apr. 2010.
  • “Caribou” KNOW, Nov./Dec. 2009.
  • “A Short, Sweet History of Ice Cream” and “Lickety-Yum: A World of Frozen Fun,” KNOW, Jul./Aug. 2009.
  • “Red Pandas,” KNOW, Mar./Apr. 2009.
  • “Ice Device,” KNOW, Nov./Dec. 2008.
  • “Blades of Bone” and “People Power,” KNOW, Jul./Aug. 2008.
  • “Medicine and Mummies” and “Fun and Games in Ancient Egypt,” KNOW, Mar./Apr. 2008.
  • “Your Hair-story,” KNOW, Jan./Feb. 2008.
  • “SOS: Save Our Sharks,” KNOW, Sep./Oct. 2007.
  • “The Very Clicky Caterpillar,” KNOW, Sep./Oct. 2007.
  • “The Sweetest Beans,” KNOW, May 2007.
  • “Writing on Stone,” KNOW, Mar./Apr. 2007.
  • “How Do Ventriloquists Talk with Closed Lips?” Owl, Sep. 1998.

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