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New Ventures!

This is an exciting area that is sure to keep expanding. As publishing moves toward eBooks and Web-based platforms, it’s crucial to join in and maintain an edge. Jill has project managed eModules for Perimeter Institute. She’s written, adapted, and edited digital resource materials Discovery Education’s website (through Six Red Marbles), vetted interactive science cards for Scholastic Education, dabbled in proposal development for Pixelpusher, and written teaching notes for both interactive science cards for Scholastic Education, and a high-school biology eBook for Nelson (through Clarity Content Services).
  • Six Red Marbles, Austin, Texas
  • Clarity Content Services, Toronto, Ontario
  • Pixelpusher, Toronto, Ontario
  • Scholastic Education, Markham, Ontario

Healthy Habitats interactive cards, Scholastic Education, © 2008





Pan Canadian Science Place interactive science cards, Scholastic Education, © 2010

"Jill is highly skilled at project management, editing, and writing so it is easy for her to join a team in many different ways. These skills, along with her lovely personality and intelligence, thus, excellent understanding of required needs, make her one of the top people I have always tried to involve in publishing projects. As is apparent, I highly recommend Jill."

— Trudy Rising






Expert Space, Scholastic Education, © 2011

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