Teacher Resources

Research-based Activity

Using The Women’s Hall of Fame Series Books (Amazing Women Athletes, Dazzling Women Designers, Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs)

Encourage students (in grades 4 – 8) to write about an athlete/designer/entrepreneur who isn’t portrayed in any of the books.

Directions for Students:
• Choose someone you admire or someone you’d like to learn more about.
• Brainstorm different questions that you’d like to answer about this person.
• Research at the library to learn all about this role model.

Interview-based Activity

Using The Women’s Hall of Fame Series Books

Tell students (in grades 6 – 8) they will interview a classmate and then write about them.

Directions for Students:
• Work with a partner.
• Take turns interviewing each other.
• Write a short biography about your partner.
• You might include where your partner was born, some details about your partner’s family, your partner’s interests, goals, and dreams.


Sample Interview Questions

  • Factual Questions

– Where were you born?
– Who are your heroes?
– What are your hobbies, interests, and goals?

  • In-Depth, Probing Questions

– What are you most proud of?
– What would you like to change?
– What are your plans for the future?
– What do you hope to achieve?


Game: Not Your Typical Babysitter

Using The Women’s Hall of Fame Series Books

Have students (in grades 5 – 8) choose a “character” from the list:

  • Babysitter
  • Grade 7 or 8 student
  • Truck driver
  • Sports coach
  • Scientist
  • Hollywood actor
  • and so on . . .

Directions for Students:

• Write two sentences about your character.
Sentence 1) She enjoys spending time with children.
Sentence 2) She’s very responsible.

• Have your partner ask you some questions.
• Answer in role. (Act it out.)
• Now, using this information, write two more sentences about your character.

Sentence 3) Once, when she was babysitting, she coaxed a crying boy to sleep by putting “dream cream” on his hands.
Sentence 4) She’s going to give half of her babysitting earnings to the Humane Society because she really likes helping animals.

• What makes your character unique?

     That’s what’s interesting!

“In the Moment” Openers

• As a class, look at one or two chapter openers in detail.
• Point out that these introductions are often written in the present tense, even though the “scene” may be from long ago.
• Have students see how the author has crafted these sections to

  • Describe a moment in time
  • Reveal character
  • Set the stage
  • Convey mood
  • Draw in the audience
Enjoy using The Women’s Hall of Fame books in your classroom!