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Happy International Women’s Day

There’s a whole lot of buzz around International Women’s Day today. It’s exciting and I feel like there’s a new feminist wave in the making with all the discussion around empowering girls and also raising boys differently. Think “It’s All Right to Cry” from the Free to Be … You and Me album of the ’70s — an important influence on my youth.

To pay tribute to International Women’s day, I’m flagging a few noteworthy webpages and also a STEM-related video. I know it’s a bit of a “cheat” blog post, but there is so much rich content and there are many interesting perspectives to ponder. This quote on CBC’s Writers and Company webpage that features an interview with Gloria Steinem says a lot:

“We were so occupied with trying to raise our daughters more like our sons that we probably are only now seeing how much we need to raise our sons more like our daughters – so that both of them can be whole people.” – Gloria Steinem

Great facts and stats are laid out on the Because I Am a Girl‘s website. The article “Attention women: Ignore the glass ceiling (we have other problems at work)” refers to women falling into a “helper” role and often being “bogged down by menial tasks.”

Last week, in conjunction with my Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs book, I was invited to attend the launch of the Lassonde School of Engineering’s 50:50 Challenge. Entrepreneurs_web

View the video about this very exciting initiative at York University in Toronto: The Lassonde 50:50 Challenge.

It’s also great to see all the lists emerging with books featuring strong female characters:

All and all, conversations are happening and ideas are swirling; great things are happening for girls, boys, and the planet. Let’s celebrate the achievements. Happy International Women’s Day!

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Shopping for the Holidays

Busy, busy, busy! It’s that time of year. Ninety percent of my holiday shopping takes place in bookstores. For children, adults, avid readers, reluctant readers, and people with myriad interests there is always something that resonates with every name on my list. I also like to promote and support Canadian authors, illustrators, and publishers. By reading Quill & Quire, listening to The Next Chapter on CBC Radio, and noodling around online, I can do some pre-shopping research that makes the actual trip to the bookstore much quicker. I often call my local bookstore and order the titles I know I want. I also love poking around bookstores, browsing the shelves and seeing what catches my eye.

Here are some book lists that can help you out:

Quill & Quire: Kidlit Books of the Year

Best Books for Kids & Teens: Fall Edition, 2014

Forest of Reading: Nominated Lists

Bank Street College of Education–The Best Children’s Books of the Year, 2014 Edition

2014 Amelia Bloomer Project List



2014 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Awards

The 2014 Governor General’s Literary Award Winners

If your local bookstore doesn’t have the book you are looking for, you can always place an order. Most books will arrive in 7 to 10 days, depending on the distributor, but your bookselling will advise you. If you have any children ages 9 to 13 on your list, check out The Women’s Hall of Fame Series. Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs and Dazzling Women Designers are my two most recent titles. A special thank you to my local independent bookstore, Novel Idea, in Kingston for stocking several copies of these book on the nonfiction shelf. Each book features ten profiles of ordinary women who do the extraordinary through their determination, passion, courage, and vision. I’d love to hear if any kids are your list are inspired by these stories of real people from today and yesterday, from Canada, the U.S., and beyond.

And lastly, I promise it won’t be so long until my next blog posting! It’s been an eventful fall and too many things are pulling me away from my writing desk. Happily, 2015 promises to bring me more time for writing. I’m excited about this and really looking forward to what lies ahead.

All the best for a very happy holiday. Celebrate great books!



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P.S.: When you’re stumped on which book to buy for a child, ask a librarian–they are the best resources ever!

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눈부신 여성 디자이너 Surprise!

눈부신 여성 디자이너 Surprise!

I was dazzled and delighted to find two copies of Dazzling Women Designers in my mail box yesterday. What an amazing surprise! These didn’t look anything like my other copies, though. They are Korean translations. The cover looks completely different, as does the inside — and I don’t just mean the text. Many of the photos are new and they have more photos showing the designers’ work. The cover features fabric designed by Senegal’s Aissa Dione and India’s Ritu Kumar.  I spotted a photo of R2D2 in the profile about robot designer Cynthia Breazeal. No, she didn’t design it; she’s my age and would have been a kid when Star Wars came out. Breazeal was influenced by the robots in Star Wars and loved R2D2 and C-3P0.

The book’s dimensions are 6-6/8 x 8-1/4″, making it more square. It’s thick, too! Oooh, and it has French flaps.

Here’s one inside spread from interior designer Aissa Dione’s profile:


What a neat feeling it is to think of children in Korea reading my book. I will cherish my copies — absolutely!

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Amelia Bloomer List

Amelia Bloomer List

Great news! You’ll never guess what I discovered in my email in-box last Friday (Jan. 27)! Dazzling Women Designers (Second Story Press, 2010) is on the Amelia Bloomer List 2012. This news totally made my day!

A little research unearthed more details about what this list is all about. I feel truly honoured. The Amelia Bloomer Project, which is part of the American Library Association’s (ALA’s) Social Responsibility Roundtable Feminist Task Force, annually selects the best feminist books for children and teens, published within the last 18 months. Librarians from public and university libraries across the U.S. make up the ten committee members who read many, many books and make the final selections. You can view the complete list of titles here. The Amelia Bloomer Project has a blog, too.

Here is the Amelia Bloomer entry for my book:
Bryant, Jill. Dazzling Women Designers. 2010. Second Story Press, $10.95 (978-1-897187-82-1). Gr.5-up.
In a field traditionally dominated by men, these women designers have pioneered techniques and pursued artistic visions in many areas including: urban planning, interior design, automotive design, landscape architecture, and robotics.

A member of the committee sent this email to Emma Rogers, the marketing genius at Second Story Press.
“We found this book to be an exemplary title and we thank you for the work you have done in publishing this strong feminist book for youth. We were particularly impressed by the geographical range and the occupational diversity of the women in this book. I am confident that many students of both genders will find these profiles impressive and amazing!”
–Maureen McCoy, Co-chair
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