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On Tweeting, Dinos, and Come On, Spring

I know, I know. I’m interminably late in the game, but I’ve finally joined Twitter and am looking for people to follow and, in turn, followers. My Twitter handle is @JillBryantBooks. I’ve tweeted successfully 78 times to date–whoo hoo! That’s one hundred and forty characters or fewer about female entrepreneurs, feminist topics, writing nonfiction, the writing process, author events, science news, and books. It’s definitely a learn-as-you-go experience for me, so I hope I don’t make — or haven’t already made — any terrible foibles.

Twitter began in 2006 so I’m nearly a decade behind on this social networking bandwagon, but who’s counting?! I recall being similarly skeptical of email many years ago and, ehem, it revolutionized the way I work. I was pretty happy not to have to set up my old fax machine upon my return to Canada from abroad, at which point it was abundantly clear fax machines had pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur and I could reclaim that portion of my desk for books and papers.

Speaking of dinosaurs, I heard on CBC Radio (not through social networking) that the brontosaurus is a real species after all. “But nobody gave up on the brontosaurus, did they?” says Carol Off. “I mean, children love the brontosaurus; they love this giant vegetarian …” What a great quote. And then, through the beauty of the Internet, I Googled “CBC Radio brontosaurus” and found a link to the podcast to have a re-listen.

Authors for Indies

Mark your calendar on May 2nd for Author for Indies. I’ll be at Novel Idea Bookstore in historic Kingston, Ontario, along with other authors from the area. It’s sure to be a fun event. Show your support for local independent bookstores by stopping by your local indie and saying thank you to the booksellers that nourish readers, host literary events and book launches — and serve as friendly liaisons between the public and the Canadian book industry. Indie booksellers are passionate about literature and work tirelessly to promote good books.

Thank you independent bookstores. We love all that you do!



I grow weary of waiting, ever so impatiently, for warmer weather to arrive. At last, on Thursday, April 2nd, my snowdrops were in bud. Now, April 9th, they are in their full glory — little jewels of spring. Come on, Mother Nature, bring on the new season! Let’s have some crocuses, daffodils, tulips. It’s time.




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