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Informal Book Reviews

Book reviews are a vital part of a book’s footprint. Critical reviews can offer a stamp of approval, a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down verdict on the final, published result of a writer’s hard work. More importantly, reviews help spread the word. They can say, “Hey, look at this book! It’s really good!” Nowadays it’s easy for anyone to log into any number of online bookseller sites to give their two cents worth and their own emotive summary of what a book means to them. Certainly, the reviews can go either way — favourable or unfavourable, lukewarm or cool. The most constructive are a tempered blend of both, but, in the end, it seems that publishers agree these informal book clubs take what used to be livingroom chit chat and transform it into public, shared, and widely accessible feedback. Listen to the buzz!

Writers love to write. What outsiders to the craft may not know is that few if any writers believe writing is simple. Rather, writing, which quickly evolves to rewriting and more rewriting, is enormously challenging. The process of bringing an idea to full fruition, in book form, normally takes at least a year. The journey is fraught with seemingly insurmountable hurdles, annoying glitches, and road blocks that send you back to the drawing board. As drafts are completed, as editors step in with their professional wordsmith skills, and as all the components (e.g., design, photographs, illustrations) fall into place, hope rises that the book will make a difference, have an impact, and be noticed. Certainly, seeing the book in print and holding it your hands is one of the greatest feelings. As word spreads, the rewards can be very affirming.

As author of three of The Women’s Hall of Fame Series books — most recently Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs — my greatest wish for these books (above and beyond stellar sales fantasies) is that they have an impact on the lives of some girls’ lives, helping girls be more confident, more bold, and eager to pursue their goals, unimpeded by societal constraints. Seeing reader feedback is enormously rewarding and helpful in informing me whether I’ve succeeded in my goal. Consequently, I welcome your feedback about my books. Thoughtful comments help me grow as a writer and let me know which aspects were most effective, and which needed more finessing. Just knowing that someone has taken time out of the crazy, fast-paced life we lead to read a book and fully and critically engage with it in a well-informed, carefully considered way, is truly the greatest gift of all. It is an honour to be reviewed, formally or informally. It’s all good.

If you’ve read Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs, here are some quick links to pages where you can rate or review it:




Thank you also to Leanne Lieberman, a YA author and elementary school teacher, who reviewed Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs on her blog: http://leannelieberman.blogspot.ca/

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Book Launch Photos


As promised, here are photos from last week’s launch. Thank you to all the friends who came out to show their support and to celebrate the release of Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs. It was wonderful to see so many people from all different places. Rest assured that my hand is not too badly cramped and I’ll be more than happy to sign more books should anyone want to stop by Novel Idea for a copy! For those of you who live farther afield, you can pop into your local bookstore and order my book. Aimed for readers ages 9 to 13, this new title is meant to inspire kids — especially girls — to follow their passions and aim high.


Squinting in the sun at the door of Novel Idea, a few days before the launch. The poster looks great!


Jill & Mari_100_1123

Posing in front of the book display at Novel Idea


This table had fun stuff for kids: quizzes, games, and a dress-up box of hats, ties, and dapper business clothing. Thanks to Zoe for taking charge.

Book Launch_People Chatting_DSC04551

Book launch guests chatting and browsing through the excellent collection at Novel Idea

Did You Know?

You can help create a buzz about this book by placing it on your “To Read” shelf on Goodreads — a social media website for avid readers. (FYI, my Goodreads Author page can be found by clicking here.) What’s more, by rating a book or reviewing it on Goodreads, Amazon, or Chapters, you can inform others about the merits of a particular title. So next time you find yourself in front of a computer with time to tinker,

                        click away and make an author’s day.

Thank you, and all the best.

~ Jill

Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs

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Shh! Writer at Work

Shh! Writer at Work

My apologies for the lag in blog postings. I’ve been researching and writing my next book–yay!–which will be released by Second Story Press in early fall 2013. I feel so good being in writing mode, but there is this deadline looming over my head, adding some time pressure to my life.

I may be a bit lackadaisical about blogging over the next few months. Multi-tasking while writing a book is not my forte. It’s one of those all-consuming projects that demands full attention and makes for lots of late nights. Currently, my home office is filled with stacks of library books from two different libraries–the public library and the university library.

Tomorrow, however, I’m taking a day off to attend The Writers’ Union of Canada workshop “How to Be Your Own Publicist” by Ann Douglas, Elizabeth Ruth, and Kelly Duffin. It will be so valuable to learn about social networking and blogging and all that through these talented and accomplished women. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Ann Douglas who I first met when I was a children’s book editor working in-house in Toronto. Ann is the creator of the blog Having-a-baby.com and is well-known for The Mother of All Books series. I’ll have to report back as to which local writers attend the workshop.

I have some homework to prepare for the workshop, which I haven’t even looked at yet. For now, it’s back to my research!


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