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Amelia Bloomer List

Amelia Bloomer List

Great news! You’ll never guess what I discovered in my email in-box last Friday (Jan. 27)! Dazzling Women Designers (Second Story Press, 2010) is on the Amelia Bloomer List 2012. This news totally made my day!

A little research unearthed more details about what this list is all about. I feel truly honoured. The Amelia Bloomer Project, which is part of the American Library Association’s (ALA’s) Social Responsibility Roundtable Feminist Task Force, annually selects the best feminist books for children and teens, published within the last 18 months.¬†Librarians from public and university libraries across the U.S. make up the ten committee members who read many, many books and make the final selections. You can view the complete list of titles here. The Amelia Bloomer Project has a blog, too.

Here is the Amelia Bloomer entry for my book:
Bryant, Jill. Dazzling Women Designers. 2010. Second Story Press, $10.95 (978-1-897187-82-1). Gr.5-up.
In a field traditionally dominated by men, these women designers have pioneered techniques and pursued artistic visions in many areas including: urban planning, interior design, automotive design, landscape architecture, and robotics.

A member of the committee sent this email to Emma Rogers, the marketing genius at Second Story Press.
“We found this book to be an exemplary title and we thank you for the work you have done in publishing this strong feminist book for youth. We were particularly impressed by the geographical range and the occupational diversity of the women in this book. I am confident that many students of both genders will find these profiles impressive and amazing!”
–Maureen McCoy, Co-chair
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